FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter
FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter

FST-650L High performance vector universal frequency converter

FST-650L is a high-performance universal frequency converter mainly used for controlling and regulating the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. Adopting high-performance vector control technology, with low speed and high torque output, it has good dynamic characteristics, strong overload capacity, added user programmable function and background monitoring software, communication bus function, support for multiple PG cards, etc., rich and powerful combination functions, and stable performance.

Power range


Input voltage

220V 1 phase to 3 phase
380V 3 phase to 3 phase

Product Overview

Application scope

  • Textile

  • Paper Making

  • Sand Making

  • Machine Tools

  • Packaging

  • Food

  • Fans

  • Pumps

  • Wide application range, multiple control methods, open-loop vector control (SVC), VF control
  • 16 speed, simple PLC and PID control
  • Support for multiple motor vector control
  • High starting torque characteristics
  • Torque limit for protecting machinery
  • Flexible and practical analog input and output ports
  • Quick current limiting function
  • Instantaneous non-stop function, motor overheat protection (acceptable sensors PT100, PT1000)
  • Supports multiple fieldbuses for easy connection to various peripheral settings (supports RS485)
FST-610 series main circuit terminal
FST-610 series motherboard terminals

Technical Specifications

Iterms Technical Index Specification
Input Input voltage lΦAC220V±15%
3ΦAC380V± 15%
Input frequency 47-63Hz
Efficiency ≥97%
Output Output voltage 0- Rated voltage
Output frequency 0-500Hz
Control Features Control Mode Speed sensorless vector control,Vector control with speed sensor,V/F control
Run Command Mode Panel control, terminal control, serial communication
Frequency setting method Digital setting, analog quantity setting, pulse frequency setting, serial communication setting, multi segment speed setting and simple PLC setting, PID setting, etc., can achieve combination and mode switching of given methods
Overload capacity G type: 150% rated current 60S, 180% rated current 10S
P type: 120% rated current 60S, 150% rated current 10S
Starting torque 0.5Hz/180% (SVC) ;1Hz/180% (V/F)
Speed regulation range 1:100 (SVC)
Speed control accuracy ± 0.5% maximum speed (SVC)
Carrier wave frequency 1.0-15.0KHz,Automatically adjustable according to temperature and load characteristics
frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz Analog setting: Maximum frequency * 0.1%
Torque increase Automatic torque increase; Manual torque increase by 0.1% -10.0%
Acceleration and deceleration methods DC, four types of acceleration and deceleration times
DC braking DC braking during startup and DC braking during shutdown
Inching operation Inching operation frequency: 0.0Hz - maximum frequency output, inching plus or minus time 0.1-3600.0S
Simple PLC and multi speed operation Up to 16 segments of speed operation can be achieved through built-in PLC or control terminals
Built in process PID A closed-loop control system that facilitates the implementation of process quantities such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc
Automatic voltage adjustment When the voltage of the power grid changes, it can automatically maintain a constant output voltage
Common DC bus Multiple frequency converters share a DC bus for automatic energy balancing
Torque control No PG torque control
Swing frequency control Multiple triangular wave frequency control
Counting control Counting function
Input terminal Programmable Dl:  7 switch inputs, including 1 high-speed pulse input
Programmable AI: 2 channels, VCI: voltage -10V~10V; Voltage 0-10V or current 0-20mA input
Output terminal Programmable open collector output: 1 output (open collector output or high-speed pulse output), 2 relay outputs
Analog output: 2 outputs, selectable from 0/4-20mA or 0-10V
Communication terminal Provide RS485 physical interface and support Modbus RTU communication mode
Interface LED display Can display parameters such as frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current, etc

Product Parameters

Model.no Power output current Input voltage Size(mm) Installation size(mm) G.W
FST-650L-0R7ST2 0.75KW 4A 220V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-1R5ST2 1.5KW 5A 220V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-2R2ST2 2.2KW 9A 220V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-0R7G/1R5PT4 0.75KW/1.5KW 2.5A/3.7A 380V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-1R5G/2R2PT4 1.5KW/2.2KW 3.7A/5A 380V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-2R2G/4R0PT4 2.2KW/4KW 5A/9A 380V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-4R0G/5R5PT4 4KW/5.5KW 9A/13A 380V 89.7*197*145 71.4*184.2 1.5KG
FST-650L-5R5G/7R5PT4 5.5KW/7.5KW 13A/17A 380V 102*200*165 90*189.8 1.9KG
FST-650L-7R5G/011PT4 7.5KW/11KW 17A/25A 380V 102*200*165 90*189.8 1.9KG
FST-650L-011G/015PT4 11KW/15KW 25A/32A 380V 125*240*175 108*228 3.1KG
FST-650L-015G/018PT4 15KW/18KW 32A/37A 380V 125*240*175 108*228 3.1KG
FST-650L-018G/022PT4 18KW/22KW 37A/45A 380V 210*345*210 140*320 8.9KG
FST-650L-022G/030PT4 22KW/30KW 45A/60A 380V 210*345*210 140*320 9KG
FST-650L-030G/037PT4 30KW/37KW 60A/75A 380V 210*345*210 140*320 9.1KG
FST-650L-037G/045PT4 37KW/45KW 75A/90A 380V 295*525*225 160*505 19.5KG
FST-650L-045G/055PT4 45KW/55KW 90A/110A 380V 295*525*225 160*505 19.6KG
FST-650L-055G/075PT4 55KW/75KW 110A/150A 380V 295*525*225 160*505 19.8KG
FST-650L-075G/090PT4 75KW/90KW 150A/176A 380V 340*580*250 200*560 29.6KG
FST-650L-090G/110PT4 90KW/110KW 176A/210A 380V 340*580*250 200*560 29.8KG
FST-650L-110G/132PT4 110KW/132KW 210A/250A 380V 400*610*290 240*590 50.5KG
FST-650L-132G/160PT4 132KW/160KW 250A/300A 380V 400*610*290 240*590 51.3KG
FST-650L-160G/185PT4 160KW/185KW 300A/340A 380V 500*780*350 400*760 76KG
FST-650L-185G/200PT4 185KW/200KW 340A/380A 380V 500*780*350 400*760 77KG
FST-650L-200G/220PT4 200KW/220KW 380A/415A 380V 500*780*350 400*760 78.5KG
FST-650L-220G/245PT4 220KW/245KW 415A/470A 380V 500*780*350 400*760 79KG
FST-650L-245G/280PT4 245KW/280KW 470A/520A 380V 750*860*460 500*840 155KG
FST-650L-280G/315PT4 280KW/315KW 520A/600A 380V 750*860*460 500*840 158KG
FST-650L-315G/355PT4 315KW/355KW 600A/640A 380V 750*860*460 500*840 159KG
FST-650L-355G/400PT4 355KW/400KW 640A/690A 380V 750*860*460 500*840 161KG
FST-650L-245G/280PT4C 245KW/280KW 470A/520A 380V 1300*750*465 floor type 199KG
FST-650L-280G/315PT4C 280KW/315KW 520A/600A 380V 1300*750*465 floor type 200KG
FST-650L-315G/355PT4C 315KW/355KW 600A/640A 380V 1300*750*465 floor type 200KG
FST-650L-355G/400PT4C 355KW/400KW 640A/690A 380V 1300*750*465 floor type 202KG
FST-650L-400G/450PT4C 400KW/450KW 690A/860A 380V 1500*950*515 floor type 250KG
FST-650L-450G/500PT4C 450KW/500KW 780A/860A 380V 1500*950*515 floor type 250KG
FST-650L-500G/560PT4C 500KW/560KW 860A/950A 380V 1500*950*515 floor type 250KG

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