FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter
FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter
FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter
FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter
FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter
FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter

FST-820 Elevator dedicated frequency converter

FST-820 series is a high-performance vector control frequency converter specifically designed for elevators. Integrating synchronous and asynchronous motor control, with multiple encoder interfaces, it can flexibly define the S-curve of elevator smooth operation, and has elevator specific logic control. It is the most practical, professional, and easy-to-use dedicated frequency converter in the elevator industry!

Power range


Input voltage

Three phase 380V input and three phase 380V output

Product Overview


  • Vertical cargo elevator

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  • Vertical passenger elevator

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  • Escalator

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  • Packaging

  • Food

  • Fans

  • Pumps

  • Suitable for driving control of permanent magnet synchronous motors and asynchronous motors, with multiple rotary encoder interfaces;
  • Support speed setting for multiple segments and analog quantities;
  • Flexible start curve processing, multi segment S curve setting, and 4-level acceleration and deceleration time setting can ensure good elevator operation comfort;
  • With simple and practical battery operation function, 48V power input can complete power outage self rescue;
  • Equipped with various elevators such as enabling detection, holding brake contactor control, output contactor control, forced deceleration judgment, overspeed protection, speed deviation detection, early door opening, contact adhesion detection, motor overheating detection, startup pre torque compensation, etc;
  • Dedicated functions make elevator control simple and easy to operate;
  • The built-in DC reactor and braking unit improve the output power factor of the system and reduce the cost of external components in the electrical system;
  • The full series of independent air duct design, professional lightning protection design, professional processing and production platform, and advanced process control ensure the quality of elevator dedicated frequency converters;
  • The unique single key design of the operation panel makes complex keyboard operations easy and effortless; And it can be connected to any location through the RJ45 port, making elevator debugging more convenient and simple; The parameter copying unit is simple to use and convenient for batch debugging.

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
General Specifications Carrier frequency 0.5k〜16k(Hz);The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics.
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz
Analog setting: Maximum frequency *0.1%
Output frequency accuracy Digit setting: Maximum frequency x±0.01%
Analog setting: Maximum frequency *±0.01%
Control mode Open loop vector control (SVC)/Closed loop vector control (VC) /VF control
Starting torque 0.5HZ/180% (SVC); 0Hz/200% (VC)
Speed range 1: 100 (SVC) 1: 1000 (VC)
Speed stability accuracy ±0.5% (SVC) ±0.05% (VC)
Overload capacity 150% rated current 60 seconds; 180% rated current for 1 second.
Acceleration and deceleration curve Linear or S-curve acceleration and deceleration mode; Four groups of acceleration and deceleration time and four groups of S-curve setting; Multiple combinations
Overhaul control Can be specified by any multi-segment speed
Multi-speed operation Achieve up to 8 speed runs
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) When the grid voltage changes, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant
Display and operation LED display The parameter of setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage and output current can be displayed
LCD Displays the operation panel Select accessories, Chinese or English prompt operation content
Parameter copy The LCD operating panel allows for fast replication of parameters
Protection function 40 kinds of protection such as power-on short circuit detection, input-output phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection
Key lock and function selection Lock part or all of the keys and define the scope of some keys to prevent misoperation
Own Features Power on the safety self-test of peripheral devices It can realize the safety detection of peripheral devices such as grounding and short circuit
Power failure emergency operation The emergency operation scheme is simple and convenient
Overspeed protection Built-in elevator overspeed protection function; Multiple action options
Judging velocity deviation Built-in speed deviation detection function; Timely detection of potential elevator hazards
Strong urgent function It has the function of forced speed change detection; Effectively prevent the elevator from hitting the top and squatting the bottom
Motor temperature detection Determine the motor temperature in time to eliminate safety hazards
Starting compensation Two starting torque compensation methods; Analog or digital quantities
QUICK key The user can freely define the shortcut menu
Timing control Convenient timing control function
Input-output characteristic Run command channel Three channels: operation panel given, control terminal given, communication given
Frequency source There are five frequency sources: digital set, analog voltage set, analog current set, communication set, multi-speed set
Input terminal 10 digital input terminals, lifting 1 can be used as high-speed pulse input, can be compatible with active PNP or NPN input mode
Three analog input terminals, one of which can only be used as voltage input, and the other one can be used as voltage or current input
Output terminal Three digital output terminals
2 relay output terminals
2 analog output terminals, respectively optional 0/4~20mA or 0/2~10V, can achieve the set frequency, output frequency and other non-power output
Environment altitude Area 1000 m
Ambient temperature -10 ° C ~40 ° C (ambient temperature is 40 ° C ~50 ° C, please use the reduced rate)
humidness Less than 95%RH, no boiling condensation
Vibration Less than 5.9 m/s ² (0.6g)
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃

Product Parameters

Model no. Power output current Input voltage Size(mm) Installation size(mm) G.W
FST-820-3R7S2 3.7KW 8.2A 380V 160*250*185 145*235 1.08KG
FST-820-5R5GT4 5.5KW 13A 380V 160*250*185 145*235 3.4KG
FST-820-7R5GT4 7.5KW 18A 380V 205*320*195 190*308 5.6KG
FST-820-11GT4 11KW 27A 380V 205*320*195 190*308 5.95KG
FST-820-15GT4 15KW 33A 380V 205*320*195 190*308 6.55KG
FST-820-18GT4 18KW 38A 380V 220*390*200 160*375 8.45KG
FST-820-22GT4 22KW 45A 380V 220*390*200 160*375 8.8KG
FST-820-30GT4 30KW 60A 380V 220*390*200 160*375 9KG

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