Sales System

  • Pre-sales consultation
  • Sales engineer assignment
  • Recommended selection of frequency converters
  • Deposit scheduling
  • Signing a contract
  • Confirm price delivery time
  • Customer technical confirmation
  • Quality inspection aging
  • Payment collection and shipment
  • Customer confirms receipt
  • After-sales guarantee

Before During and After The Sale

From raw material procurement, assembly, machine factory testing, and packaging out of the warehouse, we follow up the whole process and real-time feedback to customers, take customers to personally see their products from small parts to finished products out of the factory

  • Pre-sale

  • On-sale

  • After-sales

Warranty Policy

The warranty policy is 18 months, during this period if the machine is broken can be replaced free of charge or replacement parts postage at your own expense

Quality Management System

Sales concept Provide variable frequency drive products with reliable quality, stable performance, and advanced technology to create a better tomorrow within sectors of society Source material screening: Infineon new module-the heart of the frequency converter production control: strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements and standards of I S09001 quality management system Finished product aging load test, simulated site, to ensure that the product will be of high quality



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