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Application of ball mill frequency converter

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Introduction: The ball mill mainly consists of a transmission device, a cylinder device, a feeding device, a unloading device, and an electrical control device. During the operation of the equipment, the electric motor is driven by the electrical control device, and then the cylinder device is driven to rotate through the reducer and the reduction drive of the surrounding large wheel. Under the centrifugal force and friction generated by the rotation of the materials and grinding body inside the cylinder device, they are lifted to a certain height and then fall down along an approximate parabolic trajectory to impact and grind another part of the material at the bottom of the cylinder, generating a certain axial movement to promote uniform grinding and mixing of the materials. The material that has been ground is finally discharged from the cylinder through the discharge device for the next stage of processing. The grinding process is shown in the following figure.



Frequency conversion of ball mills is imperative


Ball mills generally have high power and use simple power frequency control. They have a high starting current, which has a significant impact on equipment and the power grid. In addition, they require a long grinding cycle, have low grinding efficiency, and are prone to excessive grinding of materials. The power consumption per unit product is high, making them one of the largest power consuming equipment in cement plants and ceramic industries. The application of ball mill frequency converters is also one of the compulsory courses in industries such as cement, ceramics, and metallurgy.


Variable frequency transformation of ball mill


The frequency conversion transformation of the ball mill adopts the ANYHZ FST-610 series frequency converter system control scheme, and the design is as follows:
The main motor is driven by a vector type frequency converter, with an optimized control program built-in. It can automatically adjust the various parameters of the motor during operation according to the real-time operating load of the ball mill, so as to optimize the shaft power of the motor. The system speed can be set to automatic adjustment mode according to the changes in ball milling process conditions, ensuring the efficiency of the ball mill while effectively saving electricity.


The control electrical diagram is shown in the following figure




Advantages of frequency conversion transformation for ball mills


1. The starting current is greatly reduced, eliminating the impact during startup, extending the service life of mechanical components, reducing equipment maintenance and costs, and also reducing the impact on the power grid and surrounding equipment;
2. By using variable frequency vector speed regulation technology to drive, the characteristics of low-speed operation and large starting torque of the ball mill are met, effectively ensuring the control process of the system;
3. The grinding time, grinding time, and automatic shutdown function can be conveniently set through the frequency converter, making the operation more intelligent and user-friendly;
4. Improve work efficiency and save energy consumption;
5. The system has various protection functions such as phase loss, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, etc., and can also be equipped with mains/energy-saving switching functions to effectively ensure the stable operation of the equipment.




The variable frequency drive of ball mill machines has a very broad application prospect in industries such as cement, ceramics, and metallurgy. Practice has proven that the use of variable frequency control in ball mills has significant energy-saving effects and can create very good economic benefits for enterprises.



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