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Application of FST-860 series elevator specific frequency converter all-in-one machine in elevators

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With the development of the times, high-rise buildings are everywhere. In order to improve people's quality of life, a transportation tool that uses electricity to achieve vertical displacement change - the elevator - has emerged. As human civilization continues to progress, people's requirements for elevators are also increasing. While meeting the requirements of using electricity to achieve vertical displacement changes, people's requirements for elevator efficiency, comfort, and intelligence are also increasing, which promotes the continuous progress of elevator control systems. The emergence of ANYHZ elevator dedicated frequency converter integrated machine FST-860 series is an inevitable trend in elevator development, which meets the strict requirements of contemporary people for elevators. Covering the control and drive of passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators, and villa elevators, as well as peripheral equipment such as door cranes.


The Application of Soft Starter in Pulping Machine

The traditional elevator-specific control system has the following drawbacks


1.  End users need to understand the functions and control principles of controllers and frequency converters, as installation and debugging are still slightly complex

2. Due to the need for frequency converters to be used in conjunction with elevator controllers, if the elevator malfunctions, it increases the difficulty of fault diagnosis



Advantages of FST-860 series elevator-specific frequency converter all-in-one machine


1. Integrated, simpler system, greatly reducing peripheral wiring, economical and easy to use, improving the safety and stability of elevators. The perfect combination of CANbus and Modbus communication reduces the number of accompanying cables and saves space in the control cabinet.

2. Multiple safety protection, in accordance with the GB/T7588.1/2020 standard for multi-category fault handling, to minimize accidents (such as squatting at the bottom or hitting the top) and ensure safe operation. Professional driver manufacturing technology and strong environmental adaptability comprehensively resist power grid fluctuations, dust, high temperatures, and lightning.

3. Multi CPU redundant control, integrated with advanced CANbus, Modbus, and IoT communication technology; Built-in precise real-time clock, providing rich time-sharing control functions, facilitating intelligent management of buildings.

4. Integrated control and drive, compact structure, easy to achieve small and non machine room design, functional parameter design, easy to operate, and convenient for debugging; Support multiple debugging methods: PC upper computer software, operation panel, and mobile app debugging.

5. Compared to traditional elevator controllers and frequency converters, the cost is lower.


The Application of Soft Starter in Pulping Machine





The FST-860 series is an integrated elevator controller that integrates computer technology, automatic control technology, network communication technology, and motor vector drive technology. This series of controllers adopts a brand new structural design, which is overall beautiful, reasonable layout, and uses cleaner and more environmentally friendly materials; Safe, reliable, and energy-saving, providing customers with comprehensive elevator solutions that meet the new national standards.



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