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The application of frequency converter for box drawing paper folding machine

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Introduction: Box drawing and folding machine, also known as folding machine, is a device that takes the rolled base paper through the steps of rewinding, embossing, cutting, folding and perfume spraying, and then completes automatic packaging and other processes for the subsequent packaging machine steps to manufacture our daily used box drawing facial tissue paper. It requires that the linear speed of unwinding, embossing and cutting links should be operated in a fixed proportion.


Before process improvement:


Traditional paper machine equipment with purely mechanical transmission has gradually been phased out by more advanced equipment due to its difficult debugging, high raw material loss, low production efficiency, and high maintenance costs. There is also a type where a frequency converter and a motor are connected to the main machine and the paper rack through synchronous belts or chains, and the speed ratio of the machine head and the paper rack is adjusted by adjusting the ratio of the belt pulley. It has the advantage of simple control, but the mechanical structure is complex and the mechanical cost is high, and maintenance is also relatively troublesome.

On site application:


A leading enterprise in the paper machine industry, a certain machinery factory, adopts ANYHZ to provide a frequency converter solution, which is changed to independent control of the host and each paper tray, and the whole machine logic control is achieved by PLC.
The host uses one FST-650S-7R5G/011PT4 frequency converter to drive a 7.5kw asynchronous motor, and two FST-650S-2R2G/4R0PT4 frequency converters to drive two 2.2kw asynchronous motors with paper racks. The PLC uses RS485 communication as the host's given signal, starts/stops through the display screen, and sets the host's variable frequency operation frequency. The host's high-speed pulse DO output is given as the slave frequency X5, achieving constant tension control of the paper, Thus achieving linear speed synchronization between the master and slave frequency converters.



1. Reduce costs
Greatly reduces the squeezing or tearing of the original paper, thereby reducing the loss of the original paper.
2. Improve product quality
The entire tissue is cut neatly, flat, and will not compress or damage the tissue.
3. Improve production efficiency
The speed has been increased and stabilized at 100 meters per minute, with an efficiency improvement of over 20% compared to traditional solutions. The production speed and efficiency of the equipment have been significantly improved.
4. Extending the lifespan of equipment
The use of ANYHZ frequency converters has improved the automation level of the equipment and effectively reduced manual maintenance.




Adopting ANYHZ brand FST-650S series frequency converter, it can easily achieve human-machine interaction, integrating position, speed, and torque control, with high control accuracy and cost-effectiveness.



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