FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter
FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter

FST-100 Door crane dedicated frequency converter

The FST-100 series door controller is a specialized variable frequency door drive controller for elevator doors, cold storage doors, subway doors, and other door systems. It integrates door opening and closing logic control and motor drive control. The external system only needs to provide door opening and closing commands to achieve control of the entire door system. This controller can drive AC asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors, and supports two modes: speed control and distance control. The product has a wide range of applications and can meet the control and driving needs of most door systems.

Power range


Input voltage

220V single-phase input and 220V three-phase output

Product Overview


  • Automatic Door

    Automatic Door

  • Induction gate

    Induction gate



  • Same asynchronous integrated closed-loop control;
  • Can be controlled through communication or IO, efficient and secure;
  • One click debugging, automatic curve generation, simple and easy to use;
  • Gate knife distance learning for more accurate and smooth running curves;
  • High protection function, over/under voltage protection, over current protection, phase to phase short circuit protection, output phase loss protection, power outage anti pinch protection;
  • Maintain torque adaptation and output torque to maintain dynamic balance of the door system;
  • Inertia recognition of door system: automatically determine the operating kinetic energy, friction force, self closing force, etc., and constrain the output of the door machine driver.
Door motor frequency converter
Door motor frequency converter

Technical Specifications

item Subproject Technical indicators
output frequency
Speed range 1: 50 (magnetic flux vector control): 1: 100O (closed loop vector control)
Steady speed accuracy ±0.5% (flux vector control): ±0.05%% (closed-loop vector control)
Starting torque 0Hz - 180% (closed loop vector control): 1Hz - 150% (magnetic flux vector control)
buccal resolution 0.01Hz
Current resolution 0.01A
Carrier rate 2.0kHz ~ 16.0kHz
For AC asynchronous machines, it supports static and dynamic tuning of motor parameters;
For AC permanent magnet synchronous machines, it supports tuning of motor parameters and encoder zero position in no-load and on-load modes.
Supports AC permanent magnet synchronous machine closed-loop vector control under ordinary ABZ encoder mode, encoder open collector output or push-pull
cure method
Under magnetic flux vector control, it supports functions such as automatic torque boost, manual torque boost, and over-excitation.
Support door width self-learning function
Support automatic demonstration function
Support automatic recognition function when encountering obstacles
Support one-click debugging function
Controller overload protection: rated current 150% protection for 1 minute, 180% protection for 1 second
Support controller over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, output phase loss protection, phase-to-phase short circuit protection, power outage anti-clamping protection
and other protection functions
Installation Environment Indoors, away from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor,Salt, etc.
Altitude Below 1000m, please derate when above 1000m.
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃(Ambient temperature is between 40℃~50℃, please derate)
Humidity Less than 95%RH, no condensation of water droplets
Vibration Less than 5.9ms(o.6g)
Storage temperature -20~+ 60
Cooling method 0.2kW adopts self-cooling method, 0.4kW and 0.75kW adopt air-cooling method.
Protection level IP20
Storage place Store in a clean, dry indoor location
Means of transportation In standard packaging boxes, it can be transported by cars, trains, airplanes, ships, etc.
Transportation vibration When sine vibration is 9~200Hz: 15m/s²(1.5g)

Product Parameters

Model no. Power output current Input voltage Size(mm) Installation size(mm) G.W
FST-100-0R2S2 0.2KW 1.3A 220V 215*145*65 205*130 1.08KG
FST-100-0R4S2 0.4KW 2.3A 220V 215*145*65 205*130 1.08KG
FST-100-0R7S2 0.75KW 4A 220V 215*145*65 205*130 1.08KG

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