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The Application of Soft Starter in Pulping Machine

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Introduction: When the beater is directly started, the starting current can reach 5-7 times the rated current. Long-term high current surges will affect the service life of electrical equipment and have a significant impact on the power grid. After using a soft starter, when the starting current smoothly and stably rises to the rated current of the motor, the power frequency operation has a small impact on the power grid and extends the service life of the equipment.


The Application of Soft Starter in Pulping Machine

Application of Soft Starter on Pulping Machine:


Firstly, during the start-up process of the beater, the soft starter connects the beater to the power grid, and then gradually increases the voltage to achieve the start-up of the beater. This process achieves the acceleration of the beater.

Then, the soft starter gradually increases the voltage until the beater reaches the set speed, which is the acceleration process of the beater from the initial speed to the set speed.

Finally, when the beater accelerates to the rated state, the soft starter stabilizes the voltage at the rated value, and the beater can operate stably.



The application advantages of soft starters on pulp beaters:


(1) Effectively improving the start-up efficiency of the beater;

(2) Reduce operating noise;

(3) Reduce the starting current of the equipment and reduce the load pressure on the equipment and power grid during startup;

(4) Reduce mechanical shock and vibration during equipment startup, enhance equipment stability and safety;

(5) Reduce equipment wear and failure rates, and extend the service life of the equipment.



Precautions for the application of soft starters on beating machines:


1. The capacity of the soft starter should be matched with the motor to avoid affecting the use effect if the capacity is too small or too large.

2. The soft starter requires frequent maintenance and upkeep to ensure its normal operation.

3. When using soft start technology, it is necessary to cooperate with relevant protective facilities and safety measures to ensure the safety of the construction site and staff.



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